This section is all about different types of beverages. I have tried all these drinks and they have been safe for me to drink. That doesn't mean it will be safe for you to drink, but it may be a good place to start. I love drinking white wine, and tea. I don't drink any red wine because I find it all the be fairly bothersome. Tea is also a favorite of mine, and I like to discover new blends. I have never drank coffee- to be honest I even find the smell of it somewhat revolting, so therefor I won't be including any type of coffee substitutes. (unless you have one you would like to recommend) When trying a tea the first time I find it a good idea to start off making it weak; You can add more as you find out it is ok for you. This list will hopefully be ever expanding.

Mad Housewife Chardonnay- This is from california and the notes from their website are as follows: "Flavors of melon, pear and fuji apple abound. Hints of cinnamon, light tasty oak and a creamy finish make the perfect choice for dinner, fun events or a simple moment to yourself." I also love the cheekiness of the name and label.

Quails Gate Gerwurztraminer- This is a stand by wine that I often get. Here are the tasting notes from their website: Aromas of rose pedals and cinnamon spice combine with intense flavors of lychee. This wine is crisp and fresh with some residual hint of fruit sweetness, which fattens and adds to the spicy mid palate.

Mint tea- I find this to be easily ordered in restaurants or when meeting someone for "coffee"
Hibiscus Mint- This is from and has peppermint, spearmint, sunflower, rosehip, and hibiscus flowers.
Chamomile Citrus- This is another great restaurant/coffee house option. Mighty Leaf has one that is great.
Chamomile- A great plain old standby.
Kids tea- This has a candy like caramel flavor. It contains dried apples, hibiscus, rosehips, oranges, elderberries, black currants, rose petals, calendula, cornflowers and red thistle. This is from a company called Mothers Brew Apothecary tea
Chai Tea- This is the posting that I have about making your own chai tea. 

Alcohol Beverages:
Rye and Ginger ale- Im a little bit of a sucker for this one. If Im out with friends this is usually what I drink. I also ask for it short in order to avoid drinking more ginger ale than I have too.
Mojito- This is made using rum, simple syrup, lime, and mint. If I order this in a restaurant I ask for the limes on the side and add it as I think I can tolerate it. If I make this at home I use lemon lime soda, and maybe one piece of lime. Be careful with this one because often bars/restaurants make them quite heavy on the lime. You can easily muddle the mint by just tossing it in with the ice cubes first and giving it a shake. It is also really fun to add fruit to this like blueberries or raspberries.

Hot Beverages:
Pumpkin Spiced Steamed Milk Easy to make and fills you with all those warm fuzzy fall feelings.


Blueberry Smoothie
Date, Banana, Blueberry Smoothie